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Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an ancient healing art that was brought to the West from Japan in the early 1940's. It is a complementary therapy that works well with any traditional medical treatment a person may be receiving. It is easy to learn and easy to use. One beautiful difference between Reiki and many other healing modalities is that the healer can treat himself/herself, making Reiki a tool for self-care as well as for sharing with others.

One beautiful translation for Reiki is "God's Light and Wisdom." People receiving a treatment often experience Reiki as tangible presence of God's light and love. Reiki is a precise method for connecting this healing energy with the body's innate powers of healing. Reiki stimulates a person's energy to come into balance and harmony through the relaxation response so that the body can heal itself.

The person receiving Reiki remains fully clothed during a hands-on treatment and feels warm, relaxing energy coming through the practitioner's hands.

Mary Slayton Farmer, MA

Louisville, KY

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher,

Practioner and Spiritual Director

Testimonials About Reiki

A chronic condition forced me into re-evaluating my lifestyle and to seek relief that medical doctors alone could not provide. I became aware of the mind-body connection and; how coupled with spirituality, they can combine (sometimes in addition to medical care) to create more holistic state of health. My seeking led me to a book on Reiki which sounded like the practice I was looking for - but I learned a teacher and an attunement were necessary. Synchronistically, Mary Farmer came to my attention as a Reiki teacher. It is important to have a teacher who is heart centered and approachable as you journey with Reiki. You could not ask for a better teacher than Mary. My attunement to Reiki by Mary has opened my heart and mindto healthier ways of being, to a deeper connection with Spirit. I see the world and myself with new eyes. I have progressed to Reiki Master (although I do not teach or practice professionally) and I am thankful every day for Reiki and Mary Farmer. Reiki is a blessing to both myself and my family.


How often have you wanted to soothe someone's hurt but didn't know what to do or say? Practicing Reiki gives me a way to share compassion and healing love -- with a husband preparing for surgery, a grieving friend across the country, or an ailing pet. And on sleepless nights - even with myself. I'm so grateful to Mary for introducing me to Reiki. It's become a life practice.

-Kim Greene

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