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After teaching all levels of Reiki for 19 years, and Usui/Holy Fire Reiki for 3 years, I've stepped back from teaching. I see folks in my private practice 4 days a week. I would be delighted to refer you to one of the teachers I've trained. Email me at or call 502-767-6515.


One Reiki Student's Story

I signed up for a Reiki class after years of benign resistance. The class would be two blocks from my house, and I felt drawn to sharing this experience with my mother, who had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Reiki gave me an extra boost of much needed energy while caring for Mom, and gave her remarkable energy when at times I thought she couldn't pull through. But when she was ready to go, she gave us an extraordinary moment, as she watched me give my brother a seated treatment the day before she left us. She commented on "that gold looking stuff dripping down off your head. Quit spitting it out. That's rude."

We reacted to her admonishment with awe, as she apparently was watching the energy that couldn't be seen by us. Reiki sharpens our awareness of a larger world of energy around us. And it affords us a deeper connection to the energy of others near us.


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